Regulatory Status


The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has been involved with SeaOne in the development of designs incorporating our proprietary CGL technology since 2005.

  • SeaOne has received Approval in Principle (AIP) from Lloyd’s Register and ABS.
  • The reviews carried out by ABS for the AIP did not reveal any elements or issues in SeaOne’s CGL® Carrier (CGLC) concept that would prevent ABS Classification and included a road map to achieve full ABS Classification.
  • ABS has approved SeaOne’s proprietary designs incorporating it’s CGL technology for the process systems and containment system as scalable.
  • ABS concludes that the CGL® System proposed by SeaOne is a novel arrangement using the existing gas plant equipment and facilities.  ABS approves process systems and containment system as scalable.
  • SeaOne remains committed to compliance with all state and federal statutes.

The methodologies used for developing the ship and the containment system are known and approved by us. The system uses existing technologies, which SeaOne has combined in a totally new way.

Phil Rynn, Project Manager, ABS
In The Surveyor, Spring 2008