The SeaOne CGL® System is simple, robust, and flexible which provides opportunities in unserved markets, as well as enhancement opportunities where gas service and delivery systems currently exist.

Immediate prospective markets include Free Trade Agreement countries in the Caribbean, with near-term market opportunities elsewhere in the region.


  • Flexible Siting – The Gas Offloading Vessel which is simply a floating, storage, and offloading vessel (FP(S)O), is capable of serving many un-served locations and is independent of many factors that would prevent a more cumbersome model from being implemented in a cost effective manner.
  • Gas Liquids – The CGL System is capable of delivering the full well stream, providing enhancement of production value and creating separate marketing opportunities for liquids.
  • Liquid Fuel Replacement – Many coastal markets and other energy consumption centers without access to a gas fuel infrastructure can take advantage of the cost and environmental benefits of switching from liquid to gas fuels.
  • Gas Storage – The CGL System can be configured to provide rich gas storage both in association with the entire System or an independent location that requires storage only. Independent onshore gas storage can be provided at any location on a pipeline system, or on location at a power plant or other gas consuming facility. Gas storage can provide for mitigation of gas supply disruptions (backup fuel), augmentation or reduction of required pipeline firm transportation, and can provide for peak seasonal consumption needs.

Market Enhancement

  • Provide low cost gas and/or liquids to client facility.
  • Existing Terminals can be configured to accept CGL cargos at reasonable costs, which opens up additional gas sourcing opportunities for existing terminals and can provide for greater capacity utilization and throughput.

Flexible Development

  • Scaled Development – Large development projects can be scaled up in increments over time as gas production volumes increase with minimal economic risk versus a large, single-step models. This alternative reduces risk and eliminates possible overbuild of infrastructure based on future market outcomes.
  • Sequential Development / Mobility – The CGL System is mobile and redeployable, and can provide a development solution for producing smaller fields sequentially, amortizing costs over multiple fields that could not justify the cost of a fixed development infrastructure on an individual basis.