SeaOne Gulfport, LLC.

From the Port of Gulfport, SeaOne can
provide service to the Caribbean and
locations in Central and South America.

SeaOne Gulfport, LLC.

STATUS: SeaOne Gulfport, LLC.

SeaOne Gulfport, LLC, an affiliate of SeaOne Holdings, LLC, of Houston, has signed a Lease Option Agreement with the Port of Gulfport and the Mississippi Development Authority on property defined as Terminal 4 at the Port with plans to build a compressed gas liquids (CGL™) production plant. The Port’s strategic location allows direct access to target export markets, proximity and connectivity to existing natural gas infrastructure while offering available land for growth, thereby positioning the Port of Gulfport SeaOne’s preferred location.


While the U.S. benefits from low-cost natural gas, many Caribbean and Central American countries struggle to meet their energy needs. Countries in this region rely on high cost liquid fuels which limits economic growth and negatively impacts the socio-economic fabric of the region.

SeaOne will provide these markets with the opportunity to obtain a much lower-cost, cleaner energy source.

Approximately 92% of the current power generation in these markets relies upon oil based fuels, while households generally use natural gas liquids for cooking and heating.

The planned rich gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) being exported will provide rich gas for power plants and also provide propane and Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPGs) for household and other uses. SeaOne will use its patented and proprietary CGL™ technology to solvate, export and deliver gas, propane, butane, and ethane to international markets in the Caribbean and Central America.

SeaOne’s CGL production and export facility will use a refrigeration process to chill the gas to form a solvated product called Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL). The CGL product will be transferred to Articulated Tug and Barge marine transportation vessels that will deliver the CGL cargo to market.

This method provides a safe, cost-efficient way to deliver CGL and the Commodities it contains to Free Trade and Non-Free Trade Agreement (FTA and NFTA) member countries that include; the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and US Territories such as, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Island.


SeaOne Gulfport At-A-Glance

Compressed Gas Liquids (CGL) production and export facility

  • Phase 1 capital expense is currently estimated to be $450 million and at Phase 4, at an estimated $1.6B investment.
  • Compliments the strategic vision for the Port, capitalizing on regional gas and NGLs production and infrastructure
    • Only CGL facility of its kind on the Gulf Coast
  • SeaOne Gulfport would substantially increase Port of Gulfport tonnage from current rate of 6,000 mt/d.
    • Phase 1 CGL production would increase tonnage by approximately 25,000 mt/d, and when fully expanded to Phase 4 is projected to generate 347,000 mt/d.
  • Project will create a significant economic impact benefiting the Port of Gulfport, Gulfport, Harrison County and the State.
  • Local suppliers and vendors will benefit
    • Substantial business opportunity for Mississippi Power for an initial electrical load of 70 MW expandable to approximately 280 MW.
  • SeaOne has already secured a granted Order of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Export Order for 30-years.
  • With export permit in hand and pending a final investment decision, the company is prepared for timely construction, startup and operation.
  • SeaOne has completed its pre-project development work and Front End Engineering and Design for the project.



Benefits include:

  • Displaces heavy fuel oil and diesel fuels currently being used in the Caribbean and other nations in the region.
  • SeaOne Gulfport’s CGL Production and Export Facility will have a zero carbon footprint at site, using no process water, creating no process effluent or wastewater runoff.
  • Well-proven gas plant technology would assure minimal nitrous oxide or sulfur oxide emissions.
  • The environmental regulatory program for SeaOne Gulfport’s CGL Production and Export Facility to be located at Terminal 4 in the Port of Gulfport, MS is expected to be administered by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ. The United States Coast Guard, US Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, and potentially other Federal, State and Regional agencies may also receive notification of the project. The American Bureau of Shipping will handle Class Approval of the CGL marine transportation vessels (AT/Bs).
  • Lloyd’s Register Safety Consulting finds:
    • The CGL process modules are inherently safe in design and utilize “familiar” technologies that have well-known safety/risk profiles within the gas processing industry.
    • Risk associated with any potential hazards (including noise control) has been or will be assessed and are as low as reasonably practicable.


Lean and rich gas and NGLs will arrive at the plant by pipeline where the CGL Production Facility will produce a solvated solution by chilling and pressurizing the gas and NGLs to create a solvated product called CGL that includes, methane, ethane, propane, butane, isobutene, pentane and pentane plus. The CGL product
will be loaded onto the AT/Bs for transportation and delivery to markets in the Caribbean and Central America.


Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) – Most natural gas contains low molecular weight hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane, etc. When brought to the surface, processed and conditioned after the natural gas has been separated, the remaining-products are referred to as NGLs.

Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL) –The solvated solution is created when gas and NGLs are combined at a moderate temperature of -40°F and a moderate pressure of 1400 psig.

Articulated Tug and Barge – An articulated tug and barge, or AT/B, is a marine transportation vessel that consists of a non-motorized barge section which has a notch located in the stern that permits an articulated connection to a tug boat enabling the tug boat to maneuver and push the barge across open seas.

MMscf –Million standard cubic feet per day – a unit of measurement used in natural gas industry.

Bcf – Billion standard cubic feet per day – a unit of measurement used in natural gas industry.

MW – Estimated power required at the CGL Production and Export Facility to solvate, store and transfer CGL.

Mt/d – Tonnage of CGL cargo in metric tonnes, loaded and shipped from SeaOne Gulfport’s CGL export facility located at the Port of Gulfport.