Company History


Since our inception of SeaOne Holdings, LLC (“SeaOne”), we have been very careful to first develop and test our proprietary CGL®technology that allows our proprietary marine CGL transportion vessels to transport the entire produced rich gas stream, including NGL’s, to market.

The focus in developing SeaOne’s CGL Marine Gas Monetization System is to provide an economic, simple, robust, and flexible system for conditioning, transporting, and delivering the full produced gas stream to market.   From loading the produced gas to the delivery of client specified gas and/or fractionated products our proprietary designs incorporate standard gas plant and fractionation trechnology configured to offer a project the most economical solution for the delivery of the CGL Product to markets. These standard technologies are incorporated into our designs for a Gas Loading Vessel (GLV) and a Gas Offloading Vessel (GOV) as illustrated at right.

Both Lloyd’s Register & Shipping and American Bureau of shipping (ABS) were consulted during the early stages of developing SeaOne’s proprietary technology.  SeaOne has contracted with ABS to provide the company with Classification and Certification services for theCGL® System Project Assets.

In order for SeaOne to ascertain the economic and technical viability for its CGL Marine Gas Monetization System, SeaOne undertook a third-party detailed baseline engineering and economic study for a system designed to handle gas production levels and market delivery rates of 400 Mmscf/day (11.3 MMcm/d). Current designs for the System are available for production rates from 45 Mmscf/d to 1,000 Mmscf/d (1.27 to 28.32 MMcm/d) and above.

Based upon detailed study, SeaOne undertook a scale version test for producing CGL in commercial quantities, and the operation of loading and unloading of the CGL into and out of the pipeline containment system. This is known in regulatory terms as a Demonstrated Capabilities Test. The results of the demonstrated capabilities test exceeded the test requirements.