Message from the Chairman

A Message from the Chairman

Forrest Hoglund

Forrest E. Hoglund
Chairman & CEO

SeaOne Holdings, LLC was formed to develop, license, and fund projects to use a new technology to transport natural gas and gas liquids together in a liquid solvated product called Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL). The patented technology only requires moderate temperatures (-40°F) and pressures (1400psi) and can use conventional gas plant technology in its application. The benefits include having much lower costs than cryogenic solutions with up to 2/3 reductions in emissions and a stronger safety profile. It is readily scalable and can be used in large and smaller projects. Typical uses include:
1. Projects moving large or stranded gas reserves to markets. Benefits include significantly lower capital and operating costs plus saving up to 10 to 15% of the reserve value and achieving significant environmental benefits.
2. Moving low cost gas and gas liquids to markets that are currently using high cost fuel sources and/or environmentally challenged fuel sources. See SeaOne’s Caribbean and Central America fuels supply project.
3. Providing higher BTU gaseous fuels to replace oil products, coal, or high cost gas fuels in existing power plants. This can eliminate the need to build new generating capacity or have costly upgrades.
4. Providing a lower cost, higher BTU transportation fuel for trains, marine vessels, drilling rigs, etc.
5. Gas storage projects.
This is truly a versatile and very attractive new technology that can become an industry standard. Come see how your project can be enhanced by using SeaOne’s CGL technology.