SeaOne Holdings, LLC (“SeaOne”) provides a patented Compressed Gas Liquid, or CGL® Marine Gas Monetization System (also refered to in this website as the “System”) which conditions, liquefies, transports and delivers the full produced gas stream from the field to markets at the moderate operating conditions of 1400 psig and -40°F (100 bar and -40°C).

SeaOne Holdings, LLC (“CGL System “) is the first major new approach to the monetization of natural gas and gas liquids since the inception of this industry almost 50 years ago. SeaOne  provides a means to bring gas and NGL’s to market in a low cost, customer-friendly manner.

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The CGL System incorporates the three fundamental requirements
for a gas monetization solution:

It conditions the full produced gas stream (including the liquids) with a solvent, pressure and cooling to manufacture CGL.

It loads the CGL Product aboard a carrier that transports the CGL cargo to the designated market.

It delivers the entire CGL cargo to the market where it is fractionated into products to meet market needs.

Since inception, SeaOne Holdings, LLC has focused on the development of our proprietary gas monetization technology (Compressed Gas Liquid or CGL™) and related value chain system components. This lower cost system offers the potential for the full produced gas stream, including liquids, from stranded and remote reserves to be monetized more cost effectively than alternative solutions.

SeaOne provides a low cost, efficient and flexible full produced gas stream solution that will maximize the reserve value of the entire gas production stream using one unified solution to bring CGLto market.